140 Awesome Designs of Tattoos for Women

Talking about tattoos, it is the best form of body art so far. A tattoo is something which describes a lot about your personality like the way eyes play the role of no word communication, a tattoo also says a lot about a person’s personality. At first tattoos were considered a very gothic expression of emotions but now there are so many types of tattoos that give different image and meaning to your personality. There are so many classy tattoos that now women are also getting tattoos with a very high rate.

You must check these stunning 3D Tattoos Designs for Men and Women.

Tattoos for Women Designs, Here We go!

There is a wide range of tattoos for women and so many collection that it becomes tough to choose from but we came up with the most amazing, famous, unique and up to date collection of tattoos for women based on different designs and different body part suggestions as well.

1. Quote Tattoos for Women


Getting tattoo quotes is one of the best options for tattoos. The beauty in quotes is that it is a beautiful expression of words that match with your feelings. This amazing neck tattoo without quote “Even the Angels Fall” is awesome idea that you can adopt. The location of the back neck is perfect. You can okace any other quote as well

This is another cool tattoo idea with awesome quote and the spot for the tattoo is totally perfect.

This walk by faith tattoo is a foot tattoo that totally matches what need to be said when you look at your steps.

2. Awesome Quote Tattoos for Women

This just live is a very cool and creative idea to place you tattoo

Dream as if you live forever a motivational and optimistic tattoo design.

Quotes like these need to be tattooed to keep you going and motivated. For quotation tattoos consider your body the book you want others to read from you and choose the most touched one to be inked.


3. Eagle Body Art Tattoo Designs

This eagle tattoo design is for women that are bold and don’t mind a big tattoo on such part of their body. Going for a big tattoo is definitely a bold step this one looks just amazing, you can also get this tattoo in some other part of your body but this one for sure enters the list of our amazing tattoos for women.

4. Design for Arm Tattooed Women


This is an amazing design for women who want to get arm tattoos, this is trendy and is a masterpiece of body art, and this also resembles designs for henna tattoos. Going for a full arm tattoo is a bold step so you need to be perfectly sure before you are getting the tattoo and you must go through all thee tattoos for women to find you perfect one.

5. Arm Tattoos Design

This is also a very beautiful extended tattoo design. Looks simply amazing, bold and beautiful.

Arms are a very suitable place for getting tattoos as it easily gets exposed and you don’t need to wear something special to get your tattoo design flashing.

The bold girls know how to carry something as amazing as this bold tattoo design.

6. Small Tattoo Ideas

This is one of the cute small tattoo designs for fingers or any other part wherever you want to get. Women find bows very cute so it is never a bad idea to get this small bow anywhere on your body. This can be a perfect tattoo on your feet or on your neck or behind your ear. This will never get old and the cuteness will be the same anywhere you get it.
Small tattoos for women are the best choice if you are getting your very fist tattoos for women.

This crown is an amazing design and you can get it almost anywhere you want.

7. Random Small Tattoo Designs

This arrow is also a cute small tattoo idea.

The tree tattoo can also make an amazing small tattoo idea you can change as per your choice.

These are some of the amazing cute small tattoo ideas for women.

The birds are a symbol of freedom and they are too cool to be tattoos for women, you can get a variety of birds for tattoos but this rock in small tattoo ideas.

8. Small Tattoos Continued

The infinity sign also comes with many variations but these also look so cool as small tattoos you might want to get a few of these on different body parts.

Bar codes are also the coolest small tattoo ideas you might want to get even in a matching tattoo with your partner as well.
Hearts are never too old for any design not just for women tattoo designs but women just love hearts and would put them in anything that belongs to them.

This colorful life line tattoo with heart is also a pretty tattoos for women idea and you might want to get one on your wrist.

This small fingerprint tattoo design for couples is amazing you will be inked with the stamp of your lover’s finger prints.

9. Floral Tattoos

This is one of the floral tattoos which made this woman look like a goddess. The design is definably a bold one which spreads to almost her complete body but it looks classy for sure ant this is one of the tattoos for women which will add a very bold and beautiful kind of look. There are many tattoo ideas but you can vary according to your own choice.

10. Back Tattoos for Women

This is one perfect example for back tattoos for a woman that is also one of the floral tattoos. The colors add so much freshness to the body. The design is beyond perfection and is ideal for women who are looking for floral tattoos. This is so pretty even to look at.

These back butterflies look simply amazing and make awesome tattoos for women.

This tattoo is also so pretty to flash in a backless dress, it makes your back accessorized by the tattoo design.

She is an angel just give her wings to prove 🙂

11. Cat Tattoos Designs for Women

This is an idea for cat tattoos, cat lovers can also go beyond any limit to show their love for cats. You can get this tattoo anywhere on your body this can also be a very good idea for being inked at your lower back. The cat design can also be replaced we will share more cat tattoos later in our article.

We are sharing some of the most classy and fashionable cat tattoos which will give you ideas for tattoo designs.

This looks so sexy with the piercing, the cat is itself symbol of being sexy. It is the sexiest animal you can say.

12. Cat Tattoo Designs

tattoos for women
You can get cat tattoos almost anywhere you want

tattoos for women
Cat tattoos are one of the most preferred tattoos from all the tattoos for women, maybe the cat lovers won’t miss any chance to show it.

13. Leg Tattoo Design


This is one trendy looking bold leg tattoo design which covers up your legs with ink. The design is trendy and looks like some henna tattoo designs. You can also get this in henna tattoos or you can also get it inked as a temporary tattoo design.

14. Full body Tattoo design

This is a very beautiful full body tattoo design due to its color. This design is more of an abstract tattoo design. This kind of tattoo is achieved when you have collection of different tattoo designs that have different meanings and importance in your life and reflect to different situations in your life, because tattoos always have something that is close to your heart and that’s why you want to ink it.

15. Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry blossom is a very cute yet meaningful tattoo for women and it is also one of the Chinese tattoo ideas. Cherry blossom in chine symbolizes women power; how they can dominate using their beauty. This is the reason many female beauty products have cherry blossom in them.

Sexy cherry blossom back tattoo gives you a perfect back for backless dresses which will even go picture perfect for your first dates.

16. Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi fish is a symbolic tattoo mostly used in Chinese tattoos; these are fish tattoos that depict strength power and independence. Koi tattoos are also used in zodiac tattoos for the star sign of Pisces. These tattoos represent strength and the koi fish is known be the king of fishes which makes it a string symbol for tattoos for women.

17. Butterfly Tattoos


Butterfly tattoos are one of the most preferred tattoos for women and by women as well. There are so many butterfly tattoos designs that you would have to choose from them taking too much time. You can get a butterfly almost anywhere you want and of any size that you want. From small to a bigger butterfly it is just a beautiful tattoo to get.


Butterfly tattoos represent freedom and the most preferred spots to get butterflies are necks, foot, lower back and shoulders.

18. Henna Tattoo Designs

Henna tattoo designs have a wide variety and a very common type next to getting permanent tattoos. There are amazing tattoos for women which make the beauty of women enhanced and add class. These henna tattoo designs are of different types and may vary from one body part to another. In Asian cultures these tattoos for women are commonly used on weddings.

This henna tattoo design is simple get classy and simply to die for.

You can get henna tattoos at any body part make sure you need to dry it perfect n then take it off for best results and if you don’t want to ruin it. The tattoo removal is simple it fades with time.

19. Henna Tattoo Design Sample

The henna placement in a very trendy yet beautiful way.

The best part about henna tattoos is the three stages when it is applied the dark color, the fresh color when removed and the fading one too. It is just beautiful. This is a trendy henna tattoo which makes perfect tattoos for women idea.

20. Cherry Tattoos

Cherry tattoos are also symbolic and also have a meaning other than its appearance. They are linked with the innocence and purity of a women and the ability to be fertile. Cherry is sometimes also referred as desire and cherry tattoos do make the woman look desirable. Look are the cherry tattoos given right here you can get them according to your own choice.
This cherry tattoo on the leg is super sexy and the red color makes the women look hotter and stylist.

21. Angel Tattoos


This amazing angel tattoo is combined with a tattoo quote and looks just fabulous, Embrace your dreams.

Angel tattoos are one of the initial tattoos for women design. Women still tend to get angels or angel wings as a tattoo. This is a symbol of innocence, purity, love, protection, spirituality and you can give any meaning depending upon the design. Angel tattoos are many times made with just the wings and be a very stylish tattoo for women.


This is a sad angel tattoo for the belly and can be good if you are looking for something like this.

22. Angel Tattoos Ideas for Women

Angel tattoos designs women
This is a tribal angel tattoo for your side belly or you can also get these sorts of tattoos for women at other spots of body as well, where ever you want actually because it’s totally up to you there is no rule when you go for tattooing.


This small angel tattoo on the shoulder is perfect and you can even get it on other parts.


This angel tattoo behind the ear is such a cute design and it looks fashionable at the same time. A perfect design for women in search of angel tattoos.


This is also a simple angel tattoo at the upper back and it looks amazing


This one is a perfect small angel tattoo design and will make one of the best tattoos for women design. You can get any type any size and where ever you want.

23. Armband tattoo

Armband tattoo is also a very trendy and elegant style if you want to get. The variety is again beyond limitations you can change and vary according to what you are looking for. This also gives an impact as if you are wearing an accessory like a bangle or so. Armband tattoos are for both men and women but it looks trendier on women.
Our list of tattoos for women also includes very trendy and cute armband tattoos. You will surely find an inspiration from these tattoos for women.


This is a tribal armband tattoo with elephants on the band, looks completely chic and classy.


This is a floral armband tattoo which gives a very fresh and lively look to your arm, if you love floral designs this is a good one to go for.


This is another floral but with a little touch of tribal design of armband tattoo. This is another awesome tattoo design for women.

24. Armband Tattoo Designs for Women


This one is for girls who want to go for small tattoos and yet cute and classy ones. This armband tattoo design is for girls who want to try smaller tattoos for women at start.


This is a very beautiful and trendy armband tattoo design in henna. This is awesome as it is temporary tattoo and you can change design once it gets off.


This is another way of having an armband tattoo, in a very simple yet creative way an armband tattoo has been used to enhance beauty of a woman.

25. Back Tattoos for Women

Back is one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body and back tattoos for women just make it even sexier. There are so many tattoos that look way classier on backs as compared to any other body part. When deciding to get a back tattoo you might also have options like choosing it to get on the upper back or the lower back or even you need to see if you can get a back covered tattoo. Back tattoos for women have again a wide range you can decide what you want to ink and how.


This is an ultra-sexy back tattoo for women, trendy and tribal. For women who want it to be elegant


This is a cool back tattoo design which covers up the back, looks extremely sexy and will definitely turn someone on when exposed.


This tattoo is sexy and is amazing. It has a sexy bow a very common design for tattoos for women and it also has quote in it.


This is a cool lower back tattoo in fact a butterfly tattoo which looks super sexy and makes hell of a tattoo for women.

26. Cool Back Tattoos Designs for Women


This is a full back tattoo for women; this is a tribal design but looks super classy.


This one is a floral tattoo which covers your back in a very stylish way. Going for a backless dress be careful, lots of men would be hitting on you.


This is a tribal swirl tattoo on lower back, this looks perfectly placed but you can also go with this one on your upper back.


This is a full back tree tattoo with an owl, looks simply amazing.


This floral back tattoo will give you a very fresh and girly look. Flash it while you wear backless.

27. Belly Button Tattoos

Belly Button is that part of body which could easily be exposed while wearing any short top. This is also a point of attention by many men as well. Belly button tattoos look very cute and trendy and if you have a cute belly you must get a small tattoo and belly button tattoos are just perfect for you.
Have a look at out belly button tattoos in the tattoos for women designs.
This is a tribal tattoo design of belly button tattoos which looks fabulous with piercing.

28. Appealing Belly Tattoo Designs for Women

This is a really sexy belly button cherry blossom tattoo. It looks awesome and if you love bold and larger tattoos full of colors this kind of tattoos are your cup of tea.


This is a very colorful and amazing butterfly belly button tattoo, butterfly is one of the most chosen tattoo among girls.


This is a small belly button design of stars, stars are never out of the preferred tattoos for women. This one is also looking super-hot and cute.

29. Cartoon Tattoos for Women

Cartoon tattoos are also a very cute option of tattoos for women. Cartoon lovers would definitely want to get small cartoon tattoos. Cartoon tattoos are also sexy sometimes the tattoos for women have wide range of cartoon tattoos as well.


Who wouldn’t want to get this cartoon tattoo of wonder woman showing al power and strength.


This cute little samba wouldn’t mind being on your body parts, this will look most adorable thing a guy would ever discover on your body.


The betty boop cartoon is a very famous cartoon tattoo


Her different possess have gained fame in sexy cartoon tattoos and this is one of the most used tattoos for women.


The little mermaid is one other cartoon tattoo which is preferred by women and makes a great tattoo for women. Cute and linked to your favorite cartoon character.

30. Adorable Cartoon Tattoo Designs


This cute cartoon tattoo design of an elephant is just perfect and even you can get this on your arm, wrist or belly.


The life of the all-time famous game super Mario can make an amazing tattoo for women.


This stupid dog is a very famous cartoon character and makes a great cartoon tattoo for someone who is like this dog.


Tweety is one of the very loved cartoon character by women and this one looks so cute


These floral bees are so cute cartoon tattoos. You might want to have a few of these tattoos for women on your belly as well.


The cartoon tattoo of a cat is the most adorable thing you would want to have on your body. This is also a very cute small cartoon tattoo which will make a perfect tattoo idea. Keep that in mind that it’s your choice but whatever you get make sure it’s classy enough to flash.

31. Celtic Tattoo Design for Women

Celtic tattoos are the ones with motifs that are interconnected and complex motifs. These are also sometimes part of tribal warriors also: these also make amazing tattoos ideas.


This is an amazing design of Celtic tattoo which covers the back and arms of the women, totally complementing the black top.


This is a very cool Celtic tattoo design that is placed on the lower back and this is an amazing spot that is easily exposed when you wear short tops.

32. Interesting Celtic Tattoo Designs for Women


This is another Celtic tattoo design that is on the chest of a woman and completely looks classy.


This is a super sexy arm tattoo and very impressive tattoos for women design


This is a simple Celtic knot tattoo design and can look amazing on any body part you want to get.


This one is also one of the fresh Celtic tattoo designs with lots of colors in it and the tattoo spot makes it look even sexier.

33. Chain Tattoos for Women

Chain tattoos are also one of very frequently used tattoos for women designs. Chain tattoos are of many varieties and you can get them according to your taste and choice. Chain tattoos are normally made on arms, legs, wrists, and belly.


This is a trendy floral chain and has made the leg and the foot look so trendy and cool. You can also get this on your arms


Foot chain tattoo is the most common type of chain tattoos that women get, it forms pattern that makes it look like an anklet or a piece of jewelry on your body.


This is another chain tattoo design, this wrist chain is prefect for small elegant chain tattoo design.

34. Chinese Tattoo Designs for Women

Chinese Tattoos have their own sort of fame among the tattoo designs, some of their symbols have gained fame due to celebrities getting them as well. In Chinese tattoos you will find most of the dragons and such characters. Some of their tattoos have symbols of peace faith as well. Let’s have a look at some of the famous Chinese tattoo designs.


This is another Chinese tattoo, the meaning of the symbols is not known to us but sure looks something Imperial.


Chinese text has its own class and look which automatically makes it something special. Even if it is something that you don’t even know what it means.

35. Christian Tattoos for Women

Christian tattoos are mostly ones with cross sign or Jesus or Mother Merry in it, these also have a wide collection of designs that you can place on your favorite spots. These might also have sayings from Bible.


This trendy Christian tattoo of cross is the ultimate thing you would want if you are looking for Christian tattoos.


This is the most simple Christian fish tattoo.


This is the simple Jesus tattoo on your wrist, which will always remind you of Jesus standing right by you.

36. More Christian Tattoos Designs for Women


This simple Christian tagged tattoo.


This is a full arms cover up Christian tattoo, this much bold and religious tattoo needs guts to be carried on your body.


This is a mother merry tattoo for women which look just fabulous.

37. Couple Tattoos for Women

When you talk about couples, sometime love makes you want to do things as extreme as couple tattoos. Couple tattoos or matching tattoos have a wide range of designs. These couple tattoos look amazing but just to go for such a thing you should be 100% sure before you are getting it. It surely is a big and bold step.

There are so many amazing couple tattoo ideas, we are going to share the most amazing of the couple tattoos for women designs.


The promise tattoo on the pinky fingers is ultimate obsession of couple tattoos. Go get yours soon with your soul mate.


This to infinity and beyond couple tattoo is awesome. Simple is beautiful!

38. Lovely Couple Tattoo Designs for Women


The king and queen of hearts couple tattoos are simply amazing and they are small tattoos. Awesome tattoos for women idea, this doesn’t even impact your relationship status.


This adorable mickey and Minnie tattoo is totally winner of hearts.


These forever tattoos on the back are sexy as hell couple tattoos.


This names couple tattoo is an awesome idea but you need to be very sure before engraving some one’s name on your body.

39. Cover up Tattoos

Let us at first let you know about the cover up tattoos, Cover up tattoos are for the reason when you want to get rid of an un necessary tattoo, rather going for tattoo removal which is bit of a fatigue, you go for cover up tattoos. In these the tattoo is merged with another design and looks completely different after wards.

This is another awesome techniques used on tattoos for women. See how these tattoos have been covered up, before and after.


This is an example of how a cover up tattoo works.


This is an amazing cover up tattoo which is transformed into a classy floral tattoo.

40. Unbelievable Cover-up Tattoos


This is another cover up tattoo which has saved the life of this person like literally.


And once again the day is saved, thanks to the tattoo artist and the amazing tattoo parlor.


That’s how you can get rid of a tattoo which was a mistake, with cover up tattoos you can forget a lost relation


This is how you can even cover up surgery marks as well.

41. Daisy Tattoos

Daisy tattoos are a very preferred tattoo among women and when you come across tattoos for women collection you will definitely see daisy tattoos. Daisy is a flower and flowers are a symbol of life where as daisy sometimes also represents prestige. What so ever the symbol maybe the daisy tattoos add tons of cuteness to your tattoo.


This amazing back daisy tattoo is adding hotness to a woman’s body. You would be wearing backless more often when you have a tattoo like that.


These adorable daisy tattoos on the wrist look so amazing. You would definitely get few of these on your body.


This tattoo is simply adorable; all these daisy tattoos have made me fall in love with daisy tattoos.


This daisy foot tattoo looks simply amazing, adding color to your feet. It looks like it’s a piece of jewelry that you are wearing.

42. Devil Tattoos for Women

Tattoos have a high tendency to give more of an evil or negative look so devil tattoos are very famous among the tattoos for women. This depends on you that you want a gothic devil or you want a sexy devil. Depending on your choice you can get some of such female tattoos.


This cute devil is adorable cartoon tattoo of a devil and gives cute effect/ You can get it on your hand or somewhere where it is exposed easily which brings out the naughtiness inside you.


Such devil tattoos give you a very playful look and you can have them just anywhere you want.


This one is an innocent baby devil tattoo which again gives you a really naughty kind of look.


Such devil tattoos give you some evil sort of look.

43. Dolphin Tattoos for Women

Dolphins are also a very common option in tattoos for women. Dolphins are also referred as symbol for joy or playfulness. It is said that dolphin tattoos are mostly gone wrong so it you really want quality of dolphin tattoos search for the best tattoo parlor with the most skilled tattoo artists and then get your dolphin tattoos done.


This is a cute and innocent dolphin and this could be placed at any spot on your body, wrist, belly, back, arm or legs. It’s like anywhere you want and in any size.

tattoos for women

If you have got a sexy belly add some tattoo to it and nothing goes more suitable than this dolphin tattoo.


This small sized dolphin tattoo looks so cute on the back. This can be shifted to any spot you want.

44. Dragonfly Tattoos for Women

A female is always a warrior, fighting with different situations. Dragonfly strength and a dragonfly tattoo make amazing tattoos for women design. It symbolizes freedom, good luck and beauty. You can get this amazing tattoo character in various options. But overall this makes an amazing option of tattoos for women.


This dragonfly tattoo design on back looks super sexy and makes the body of a woman like a canvas that a painter just drew all these dragon flies.


This is a cute dragonfly; adorn your body with these.

45. Few More Dragonfly Tattoos


Beautiful dragonfly with beautiful wings like a butterfly.


This is another dragonfly tattoo which would be perfect to be copied


This small simple dragonfly tattoo is the ultimate necessity of your wrist.


These dragonfly tattoos look so beautiful that you can’t get your eyes off from them. These are again different sorts of dragonfly tattoos.

46. Egyptian Tattoos for Women

Egyptian tattoos are originated from the ancient Egyptian culture. They are also sort of tribal tattoos. These tattoos include pictures of the Egyptian ancient Gods and mummies with Egyptian symbols taken out from their script of language.


This has an Egyptian tattoo of a girl that from the first look seems to be Egyptian. These are easily recognizable as they have rich Egyptian culture.


The Eye of Horus is the most famous Egyptian tattoo and in the ancient history the symbol was stamped on horses, ships, jewelry items and many other things. This also makes an awesome tattoo idea.

47. Trendy Egyptian Tattoos

tattoos for women

This small Egyptian tattoo looks so much classy on the finger. It couldn’t be better anywhere else.


Another Egyptian tattoo which looks totally fascinating, such tattoos take you back to that time of ancient Egyptian culture.

48. Fairy Tattoos for Women

Fairy tattoos are considered to be the most loved tattoos for women. Fairy tattoos are linked with childhood memories of fairies. Fairy tattoos are sometime totally adorable but sometimes they are not as innocent as they look. Fairy tattoos are very common in female tattoos. There are so many designs that will attract you.

tattoos for women

This is a very cute fairy tattoo with wings of a butterfly. Fairies are characters that are always affiliated with positivity and they give positive vibes as well.

tattoos for women

This back fairy tattoo for women which has enhanced the complete overlook of the back. The colors have surly made it look amazing.

49. Endearing Fairy Tattoos

tattoos for women

This is simple fairy tattoo which gives a cute little impression on your skin.


This is Tinkerbelle fairy tattoo and she is a very famous fairy tattoo character. This also gets easily ruined so you need to make sure to find the best tattoo parlor and artist to ink her.

50. Fish Tattoos for Women

Fish tattoos are another famous yet very common type of tattoos for women. Fish is also used as a symbol, the meaning varies from origin to origin. The common meanings are referred with Abundance and Wealth, Patience, Persistence, Ambition, Power, Strength, Regeneration and Healing, Wisdom, Luck and Prosperity.
Fish tattoos are also used for star sign of Pisces.

Back fish tattoo which is an Egyptian inspired tattoo design.


This is a very simple yet interesting fish tattoo design, women tend to get such small and simple designs.

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