15 of the Best Instagram Accounts To Follow

Troubled with long days, packed classes, and many other activities of the day, you need something to inject you some form of freshness. Almost everyone has been in form of this situation and without anything to boost your mood, you might get yourself sickly. You may opt for various ways of boosting your mood, ranging from watching your favorite TV program or listening to a good music. However with the ever increasing addiction to social media, it would much quicker for you to boost your mood with something interesting within social media.

People spend large chunks of their day scrolling through social media, and therefore this is the best place you can get something good for your mood even without breaking from your work of place.  Instagram accounts are the latest technology in social media where sorts of pictures are posted. The following are some of the best instagram accounts where you can visit and get some of the pictures that can boost your mood.

15. Biggie Griffon

best instagram accounts

This account is really one of the best instagram accounts that feature the most gangster dog you never seen. Commonly known as a notorious D.O.G, this dog is hilarious and will instantly make you develop goosebumps.  After watching this dog, you can’t deny that this account is one of the top instagram accounts.

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