15 Photos of kids who are not sorry for what they did.

Kids can be the most unexpected creatures at times. They can do things you have never expected. Kids are a source of joy for every family. Lets have a look at these photos and see what they are up to this time.

1-Do you even need an explanation?

Kids having fun.

He has had his fun and now he’s standing there waiting for your response. Doesn’t look like he is going to explain this.

2-I’m not here

I’m not here. Don’t try to find me.

I’m not here, what are you looking at? He is trying to hide himself and pretending that no one can see him.

3-Lets make this flight a little interesting.

Having some fun on flight

Everything is boring in this plane. Lets have some fun and lit it up.

4- The boss with his son at work

The boss brings his son to work

The boss has brought his son at work today and he is having quite an amazing day.

5- Wear black and chill around.

Wearing black and chilling around.

So they say black looks classy? Lets wear black today and have some fun. Wearing black and posing like sitting on the Iron Throne.

6-Makeup is so damn easy

Makeup is so easy

I don’t know why my mom takes so much time while putting her makeup on. See, its easy and quick .

7-Who did this?

How and why? what happened there?

What circumstances were created that she ended up like this? Any ideas for the situation?

8-Lets stay here for a while

Lets try not to move.

So mom won’t allow me to move anymore. Lets stay here and chill like a boss.

9-Even the kids found it too expensive

When the price is too high

So he was just looking at the gadgets and planning to buy it but suddenly , he is like “Damn , that’s too expensive”.

10-VLC player is not responding

VLC media player is crashed

Error 404 , VLC media player has stopped working. Please pull it up so it can work again.

11-Another day after school

Just another day after school

Here is another “Good” day after school.

12-Worried about global warming

Worried about the global warming

I know I’m 2 but just worried about the pollution and global warming in the world.

13-Bathroom is much more fun now.

Lets have some fun in the bathroom

I’ve started to feel like bathroom is an amazing place to live.

14-Just another day with friends

Just another day at playground

Chilling around with friends and this happened.

15-Praying before the war gets started

Lets pray before the war.

He is praying to his lord before the war is here.

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