15 Strange Halloween Traditions Around The World

1. Hong Kong

Halloween traditions

In Hong Kong, the Halloween traditions are known as the Yue Lan or Hungry Ghost Festivals.

These festivals are normally celebrated in august and is done throughout 24 hours. This is the period believed that the spirits roam around freely.

As we have seen, the Halloween tradition has moved out and become an international festival. People in various cultures gather and celebrate time and superstition. Originally, coming from the ancient Celtic people, this tradition gradually got itself implanted in the American culture. Over time, the Halloween culture has evolved into a secular, community based celebration characterized by activities friendly to kids. Activities such as trick-or-treating are so synonymous with this tradition. This tradition has gone viral as several countries celebrate it in several ways with different names. People could usher in different seasons of the year by gathering together, wearing different forms of costumes, and doing some form of sweet treats.

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