25 Famous Jazz Musicians Who Changed The Music World

Jazz has been one of the most well respected American art forms; one that has shaped the music industry leading to the spawning of both an abundance of elemental news genres of music and the careers of various musical geniuses. Jazz industry was initiated in the later parts of the 19th century and early parts of the 20th century as European and American classical music. It was also mixed with African and slave folk songs. Jazz was played to a syncopated rhythm and out of this ragtime emerged followed by Dixieland and later big band emerged. This was what is considered the emergence of modern jazz music.

In terms of how the music is played, there is obvious influence from the West African culture.  Polyrhythm, improvisation, swing rhythm and syncopation are all excellent examples of what real jazz music is like. Over the last decade, this art form has been drastically changing due to the emergence of new famous jazz musicians who have been introducing new influence into the art-form. Some of   the new jazz styles include big-band, be-bop, fusion, which, acid-jazz, Latin and free jazz, hard-bop, cool jazz, smooth jazz. Behind this ever growing phenomenal jazz music are what considered as famous jazz musicians of all time. Here below is a list of famous jazz musicians in the world.

25. Freddie Freeloader

famous jazz musicians

Freddie Freeloader is perhaps one of the most famous jazz musicians of all time. His jazz music are really exciting to watch and listen.

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