8 Cool Photos You Have Ever Seen!

Bliss – the Most Viewed Picture

Blue sky, green hills refer to window XP defaulted background. Microsoft Default window XP wallpaper is known as Bliss and now consider as the most viewed picture in the world. Rolling green hills under the blue sky captured by Charles O’Rear a former National Geographic photographer. Number of myths revolved regarding these cool photos; some claimed that it was modified in Photoshop or some believe it was naturalbeauty captured directly from the camera without including any external effects.


The picture was taken by Charles O’Rear using medium format camera while he was headed towards his girl friend residence in the year of 1996. These cool photos were sold to Corbis and later on Microsoft engineer chose a digitized version of Charles O’Rear picture and licensed it. Within next few years the picture is considered as the most viewed image in the world during that time.

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