8 Famous Celebrities with Most Successful Zodiac Signs

6. Tom Cruise (Cancer Bombshell) – Cancer

Zodiac Signs

HOLD your heart ladies. Yes I wrote ‘Tom Cruise’ BUT we are here to talk about celebrity with successful zodiac signs not your prince charming. Anyways, a part from joke, this zodiac sign represents kind-heart (oh my LORD, don’t take me wrong ladies. I didn’t mean ‘that’J), imaginative, sensitive nature are all signs of this extremist zodiac sign, did you read ‘Extremist’? Well YES, that’s right! As this sign signify extreme good luck or extreme bad luck in either case the element of ‘extreme’ remain constant which cause inconstancy in human psychology. But honestly speaking WHO CARES about luck when someone like TOM Cruise is standing in front of you! What you say GIRLS?
Hey guys out there, don’t be panic as celebrities like beauty from heaven ‘Lindsay Lohan’ and talent queen ‘Meryl Streep’ got the same zodiac sign.  Cheers

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