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8 Most Scariest Ghost Sightings in the World

6. Myrtles Plantation

scariest ghost sightings

 This place is considered as the most haunted place and number of scariest ghost sighting incidents are related to this place. This place was in America and the story related to this house was evolved from 18 century.  The reports revealed that the place is occupied by 12 ghosts and one of them which were named as Chloe is the most famous. The story tell us that the place was owned by clark woodruff and living here with his wife. One day the Clark found his slave Chloe listening their family conversation, he cut his one ear in anger.

After that Chloe start wearing green turban to cover his wound. With the intention of revenge one day he baked a cake and adds poison in it, which caused the death of husband and wife. The government hanged the slave from a tree and thrown in to the river.  Now the slave usually found in that area wearing the same green turban.

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