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8 Most Scariest Ghost Sightings in the World

4. Resurrection Mary

scariest ghost sightings

This scariest ghost sighting is the best known in the Chicago. The story revolves around the girl named as Marry, as per the tale one evening she was with her boyfriend and enjoy the evening dancing at Oh Henry Ballroom. Because of some argument she left the Ballroom and start walking, she travel few miles when she hit by a driver who eventually escaped from the scene while leaving the girl die. Marry was buried in Resurrection Cemetery with dancing shoes, wearing white dancing dress.

 The best part of the tale is where the Resurrection Cemetery is situated, often a beautiful girl can be seen with a thumb in the air, he ask for the lift to the graveyard, but at the time when the driver reaches at the place the girl vanish. Number of scariest ghost sighting related to this place have been recorded.

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