Best Kids Movies of All Time

Films are the best source of engaging human minds; the movie maker is the real artist who takes his / her audience in the world created by him / her in such a way that the audience is completely unaware of its total involvement in the story of the film.

Choosing best all time films indeed a very tricky task but here I have made an effort keeping in view the story line, the cinematography and the most important the direction part of it.

10. The Lion King (1994)

Best Kids Movies

The Lion King’  is on number ten in our list of all time best kids movies. A fabulous animated movie for kids, “The Lion King” is surprisingly serious in its subject matter and VERY intense for young children. The film is one of the amazing animated feature films by Disney. It is inspired by some early animated feature films by Disney. This amusing feature film is astonishingly equally entertaining for young and old audiences. The BEST thing about this movie is its script which is based on an exciting story of a lion cub name Simba. In the opening sequence of movie Simba’s birth was announced to all the animals of Africa. Samba was a cute little lion cub who believes that everyone loves him just like he loves everyone but his uncle Scar who was jealous from the father of Simba and doesn’t wants to see Simba rule the Jungle. This jealousy of Uncle Scar made him Simba’s enemy and that’s how story began.

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