9 Shocking Facts about Ancient Civilizations you Should Know

Today my contemplation is to share some REAL exhilarating topic with viewers. Some BigShocking facts about Ancient Civilizations each one of you SHOULD know. Undeniably the topic is not only incredibly attention-grabbing but quite informative as well. The fact that in Old time how much people were civilized is not much known to the majority of new generation of this era.

So let’s just don’t waste more time and knock the door of world’s legendary civilizations to educate our kids more and more about spectacular ancient civilizations and their contributions in Human history!

9. Indus Valley Civilization

Ancient Civilizations

The most illustrious ancient civilizations of world where Allahdino is known as the smallest, where as ‘Mohin-jo-Daro’ is the largest site of huge “Indus Valley Civilization”. Wealthy merchants with massive political power had total population of over five million where most of the people were artists and traders. The rectangular patterned towns had gigantic double storied residential structure with well built bathing platforms. Another marvelous feature of this ancient civilization is brick lined sewer. Construction with bricks was done in 4:2:1 ratio with 11 inches length and 5.5 inches depth. The system use to produce lead, copper, tin. The concept of uniform, weight and measurements were also developed by this great civilization. A deep study of this civilization tells us that there were three stages of Harappan Civilization; Pre-Harappan, Harappan and Post-Harappan recognized respectively as Rojde, Desalpur and Surkotada. VERY interesting and informative! wasn’t it?


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