9 Shocking Facts about Ancient Civilizations you Should Know

7. Mayan Civilization

Ancient Civilizations

In new world of today, great complexity of patterns and wide media expressions made the Art of Maya Civilization one of the richest arts from ancient civilizations. Buildings decorated with inventive curves beyond human belief. Large quantity of flint and marbles, plasters and cement helped this ancient civilization build remarkable temples among stepped pyramids. By using the corbel vault principle, the architectures of this ancient civilization made the structures with sides that extend interior until they met the zenith point of the building. Usage of colorful wall paintings is another incomparable feature presented by this civilization. The most fascinating element of structures built by Mayans were in the honor of their Gods. Large open fine-looking compounds were built to view religious ceremonies from above the city. Stairway in the temple contain 91 steps, total 364 steps in four stair cases which is total number of days in solar year, this is something extraordinarily brilliant piece of work done by ANY ancient civilizations of world.

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