9 Shocking Facts about Ancient Civilizations you Should Know

3. Ancient Rome

Ancient Civilizations

Extremely hygiene concerned people who prefer using perfumed oils as a substitute of soap and wipe up it with cleaning tool (strigil). The sign of Roman citizenship was ‘toga’ but only free born Roman men were permitted to wear it, whereas their women use to wear stolas. To cure chronic ailments including epilepsy and infertility, Roman physicians used to recommend Gladiator blood. The most important job in government was of Caligula. Roman civilization had over 140 public toilets; communal toilets were the socializing point of people as well. When it comes to style, red and blonde hair dying was the most popular in women of ancient Rome. Dye colors had special ingredients such as goat fat, ashes of beech wood, saffron, henna and bleach. To clean clothes ‘urine’ was the best because it contains ammonia in it. Simply amazing civilized people!

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