9 Shocking Facts about Ancient Civilizations you Should Know

2. Ancient China

Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Chinese alchemists successfully invent tethered kites in fourth century A.D. during the end of 14th century they were qualified to be the first parachute designer of planet earth. According to a historical review they were successfully using parachute three hundred years earlier than Europeans. This proves how scientific race they were far advanced than rest of the world. Moreover, these Chinese Ancients were the first ones who invent waterwheel twelve hundred years before the Europeans. China was also known as the first country that use iron plow. The list of Chinese invents are longer than the any other ancient civilizations. The circulation of blood and heart is the main object that pumped was also Chinese discovery; natural gas was also their discovery of fourth century B.C. Reliving the future myth was another element which begins during the times of Chinese ancient civilization. Sacred mirrors meant to protect owners from the evil and making hidden spirits visible to human eye were the essential credulous holy body of believers.

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