9 Stillborn Babies that Miraculously Come Back to Life

8. Jenifer

baby jenifer

Mother of baby Jenifer, Mary Ellen James wanted to get pregnant for a long period of 6 years. She kept trying for conceiving during these 6 years. She got pregnant but had miscarriage, her fertility treatment didn’t work out but after she quit the treatment she got pregnant almost a year later. It was October 31, 1989 Mary delivered a premature stillborn baby in Boca Raton, Florida. She was stillborn and doctors started rubbing her chest, after continuous try the baby started breathing with the chest rub. After 3 minutes she started breathing at her own.

Baby Jenifer was sent home after 2 months of care by doctors right 2 days after Christmas which made the celebrations double for Mary as she receives her daughter in the Christmas celebrations.

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