Top 10 Awful and Odd Ice Cream Flavors

Ice cream eating has become a normal thing and almost everyone wouldn’t want to finish the day without an ice cream. To attract customers to their side, ice cream manufacturers are coming up with some wonderful and weird ice cream flavors.

Odd Ice Cream Flavors

Typically, you could get a variety of ice creams ranging from those whisked up with cream, milk, sugar and other flavorings. But there is the latest trend of ice creams that are really odd-looking and below here are Bigshocking’s top 10 ice cream flavors.

10. Crocodile Egg Ice Cream Flavor

Topping our list of ice cream flavors is the crocodile egg ice cream. This weird looking ice cream was introduced in Davo city, phillipins at the sweat spot Artisan.

odd ice cream flavors.

According to the manufacturer, Bianca Dizon, “the crocodile ice creams have received much reception in the market and their supply is becoming short due to this high demand“. He claims that the crocodile ice creams are really nutritious as compared to other ice creams.

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