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Top 10 Awful Creepiest Insects on Earth

1. Human Botfly Insect


The human botfry have rightly earned their number one status as the creepiest insects on earth because of they what they do is absolutely gross. Though not dangerous, they usually lay their eggs on the human skin. The hatched young ones will remain in the subcutaneous layer of the skin of a human by eating away the fresh.  The larvae usually enter the skin via the hair follicle or basically through an open wound. Removing them will require surgery and this process can be painful if pain killers are not used. In fact, there is a YouTube video that showed an eyelid infected with this insect and this eyelid had to be removed because it was really gross.

Though Insects are small creatures, they continue to cause havoc on the lives of human beings. They can destroy crops, spread diseases, can kill and now more interestingly there some who can really scare you by the virtue of being creepy.

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