Top 10 Best Cigarettes Brands in the World

Discovery has never stopped with human beings looking to create new things from the existing ones. With the introduction of tobacco and its uses, the question has always remained as to how effective humans can use it. Initially the urge to chew dried leaves and smoking the rolled leaves was practiced but commercializing it made it crazy for people to start to discover new techniques. Below here we take a look at the best cigarettes brands in the world.

1. Marlboro Cigarettes

Best Cigarettes

There is no single part of the world that Marlboro doesn’t exist. You see this brand on magazines, motorsports and other places. This brand is made by the Philip Morris Company, the largest selling cigarette company in the world. Apart from having filters, this cigarette is sold in different varieties with different favors, packages and sizes. Because of their strong and smooth flavor, Marlboro cigarettes give smoking experience a completely new feeling. This brand is well known in the world because of its involvement in the formula 1Grand Prix, in which it is the main sponsor of famous teams like BRM, McLaren and Ferrari and Iso Marlboro-Ford.

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