Top 10 Best Lotus Cars Ever

Lotus cars have been one of the most iconic cars in history. With the rumored increase in investment that the owners of the lotus company, DRB-HICOM are planning to launch, the new source of employment is forthcoming.  Latest from the lotus company is that they are poised to create more than 100 jobs due to the latest £100 million investment by owners DRB-HICOM. In our latest review, we are taking time to go back in history and see what are the best lotus cars has the company ever produced. Look at this list and see what these cars are.

10. Lotus Seven Car

Lotus Cars

Designed by Lotus founder Colin Chapman and manufactured between 1957 and 1972, the seven was the company’s breakthrough model. Since the company was founded in 1952, it limited itself in producing various prototype, racing and small-scale cars until 1972 when it finally manufactured the seven in 1972 and now more other several lotus cars. Because the sevens were simple, lightly constructed a good driving appeal, it made its demand to go up and the sales were promising. In 1973, the Caterham Cars, a major Lotus 7 dealer in the 1960s purchased the rights to manufacture the Seven and until now its current range of cars are related to the Series III Seven.

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