Top 10 Famous Dictators in the World

Since time in memorial, world leaders have been known to be either dictators or not. We have seen and read about power-hungry leaders who rule their nations with brutality. Bigshocking has arranged through history and brought you the top 10 dictators in the world.

10. Adolf Hitler, Germany 

If there is a dictator among the many dictators in the world whose name has become synonymous with `dictatorship’, then it is Adolf Hitler. In fact, we might even not need to have an introduction for this man as almost everyone around the world is familiar with this man.


He was born in Austria and later became the leader of National Socialist German Workers party commonly known as the Nazi party he is the man who is responsible for the emergency of the second world war and the subsequent deaths. He committed suicide in Berlin in 1945 alongside his wife after realizing that he was losing the battle.

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