Top 10 Famous Dictators in the World

10. Hideki Tojo, Japan

Born in Tokyo Japan, Hideki was the Prime Minister and army general of Japan during most of the World War II. Within two months of becoming prime minister, He ordered a surprise attack on U.S. Naval forces in Hawaii. Some of his critics blame him for waging unprovoked wars against china, USA, France and the Netherlands.


When he realized that he was to lose the battle, he shot himself on the chest but survived when helped by the US military and later treated him back to normal health. He was tried and convicted to death via the hanging noose. This dictator was truly and shall forever remain to be one of the much talked dictators in the world.

Dictatorship has been a system of ruling that has ever remained since the world was conceived. Despite various efforts to introduce democratic governments in the world, some countries still continue to experience some of this governance where you get the leader is democratically elected but still remains to be dictator.

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