Top 10 Famous Dictators in the World

6. Muammar Gaddafi, Libya

Gaddafi is a Libyan politician and revolutionary who ruled Libya for over 4 decades.  Born in a Bedouin tent near sirte, Gaddafi seized power in Libya in 1969 after overthrowing king Idris via a group of revolutionary army officers. He gained much reputation and fame because of his Arab nationalist oratory $ socialist way of rule.


However, he started to engage in corruption, abuse of human rights and military interference in Africa led to his own people to go against him. He was accused of being behind terrorism activities in Africa. Due to protests from his own people in 2011, Gaddafi was injured and died in the same year. Though dead, Gaddafi shall indeed remain to be remembered as a dictator who ruled his nation with the iron rode for decades.

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