Top 10 Fascinating and Most Expensive Shoes in the World

What kind of pair of shoes do you have? Have you ever thought of wearing the most expensive pair of shoes in the world? Here is our research at BigShocking, and the following are the most expensive shoes ever existed in the market.

10. Stuart Weitzman’s Diamond Dream Stilettos Shoes

Most Expensive Shoes

Price tag: $ 500,000

It is basically a dream come through to any woman around the world to find one day herself in very bright and beaming diamond shoes. “Diamond Dream” by Stuart Weitzman are a pair shoes that are encrusted with 1420 gleaming diamonds. They were created with the collaboration of jewellery gaint Kwiat and its heels were worn by Anika Rose in her appearance at the academy awards in 2007. Pouncing on these most expensive shoes, she appeared so magnificent that all people wanted to stop and have a glance at her.

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