Top 10 Greatest Best Magicians Ever Born on Earth

Right from our childhood time, we are attracted to the word magic. All of us really feel so enthusiastic when we hear magic is about to be performed. The following is the top ten best magicians to have ever graced the world as compiled by BigShocking.

10. Harry Houdini (From 1874 – 1926)

Born in 1874, Harry is a well known magician in the world. Harry. He has been a well known magician around the world and many modern day magicians are known after him i.e. “modern day Houldini“.

best magicians ever

His heroics in magic have led to him being branded of the best magicians ever to live in the world. Some of his magic heroics include “freeing himself out handcuffs, mirror challenges and overboard box escape” among many others.

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