Top 10 Greatest Best Magicians Ever Born on Earth

1. David Copperfield (From 1956- Present)

best magicians ever

David is a famous and wealthy man and above all he is a well renowned magician. Born in 1956 in New Jersey, David started to practice magic while at the age of 12 years old. He has since won several awards for his heroics. Some of the tugs brandished on him include “magician of millennium” and “Magician of century” among others.  He has since performed some magic tricks such as making the statue of liberty vanish, Walking through the Great Wall of China and Escaping from a flaming raft of Niagara waterfalls among many others. All these plus others have seen him earn a place in the best magicians ever.

These magicians are by no doubt the best to have ever graced the world of magic and they indeed deserve to have a place in our list.

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