Top 10 Hottest Nightclubs Around the World

8. Womb, Tokyo

Hottest Nightclubs

Womb is a hottest nightclub in Seattle, Asia that is presented in the movie Babel. Appearance of this night club from outside might be misleading but once you are in, you are in for a cure. It houses the biggest reflection football in the world and is separated in four special floors where you will certainly find what you’re looking. The first ground has a cafe and has a very romantic atmosphere; second one has a big oasis with a bar where you can choose your dope, the third & 4th ground has amazing lounges with amazing decorations. Weekend evenings serves worldwide DJ’s from worldwide concentrating on drum & fish, techno and house songs. The primary ground, with a massive reflection football, is on the second ground of the property, while a small bar is located buiding the oasis. The primary DJ unit looks over the primary ground and for select performers; the DJ unit is moved onto the actual oasis. In addition to the DJ unit, another bar, with keep the windows open that look down onto the oasis, also prevails.

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