Top 10 Most Expensive Colleges in the World

2. Bard College

most expensive colleges

It is also on the list of the most expensive colleges because the students have to pay an amount of $61,466 to study there. It is a private, four-year institution which is along the Hudson River in Annandale-on-Hudson. The total amount of fees includes the tuition fee, room fee, board fee. The popular people who studied in Bard College include Robert Redford, Chevy Chase and Mia Farrow. This college also gives scholarship to the students and the average of the scholarship is $27,458 which is given to the students who need or deserve it. The annual fee is increased almost 3.9 percent from the years 2013. Usually theclasses contain not above than 18 students and the students are taught by full faculty members, Nobel Prize winners were also the teachers at the college in which Saul Bellow and Isaac Bashevis are included. Bard College is a college of arts which is located in Hudson Valley. The classes in this college usually don’t have students more than 18 and the students are taught by full faculty members.

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