Top 10 Most Lawless and Third World Countries in World

If it were not because law, I do not think how the world would have been. It is due to law that people think twice before doing something. However, there are countries where some citizens have taken the law into their hands and order does not or it rarely exists.

Third World Countries List

Countries like Congo and Afghanistan among others are some of the countries where lawlessness has dominated for many years and the common denominator in these countries is war and human death. Bigshocking has collected the best examples of the most lawless countries in the world:

10. Venezuela ( Lawless Country )

third world countries

Venezuela is among the third world countries, in which the major problem is the high rate of crime which stands at 57%. This country is suffering from the absence of security on its citizens.

The other problem people suffer here is the high price of foods. This country has a very high potential of becoming one of the most prosperous nations in the world if there were law and order.

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