Top 10 Renowned Celebrities in Jail

What comes into your mind when you hear of celebrities in jail? Who comes into your mind? Lindsay and Amanda Bynes are some of the celebrities in jail due to various charges. We at BigShocking have done a comprehensive research and come up the top 10 celebrities in jail.

10. Tim Allen

celebrities in jail

Tim Allen is remembered for having spent some time behind the bars for having been charged of drug trafficking. He was arrested in 1978 for 3-7 years in kalamanzo, Michigan for having been part of the drug baron that was notorious in trafficking drugs.  He years in jail were however reduced to 2 years after cooperating with the authority and providing the names of other dealers. He has since then had a year’s probation in the year 1997. Otherwise, Tim Allen is a man best remembered for being one of the celebrities in jail.

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