Top 10 Renowned Celebrities in Jail

1. C-Murder

celebrities in jail

Ironically known by his stage name, “C-Murder”, Corey Miller is an American actor and rapper from a musically inclined family. His brothers Silkk the Shocker and Master P are all known for their famous song albums. He was charged in 2003 for brutally beating and shooting a fan a year before. In 2009, he was charged with a second degree murder case but pledged no guilty. However in 20011, he was again involved in an incident where he was charged for shooting at the owner and bouncer of a club who denied him entry because he was found in possession of a deadly weapon. He was later charged and handed a mandatory life imprisonment. Actually, this man well deserves his position in our list of celebrities in jail.

In a nutshell, celebrity is typically associated with a high status and people have an expectation of good morals from such figures. However, it is not the case as we have seen in the above examples of celebrities who instead of living exemplary lives opted for contrary.

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