Top 10 Strange Types of Social Phobia

A phobia is an internal fear of something that poses less or no danger at all. There are several types of phobias as you will realize later in this article. Some of these phobias may sound strange or weird, but certainly you will realize that they are not a laughing matter especially to people who poses them. The effects that these phobias bring on people can be disturbing particularly on their mental or emotional well being.

At Bigshocking, we took a step further to compile the top 10 most social phobia as explained below. This list is aimed at giving you a better insight about these phobias and explains the rationale behind them.

10. Phobophobia ( Fear of Phobias )

social phobia

Phobophobia is described as fear of phobias. It is fears that people have when thinking of developing one. You will find that people who are already suffering from social phobia have a great risk of developing Phobophobia. If you went through a certain phobic reaction at some point in your life, you will live thinking that you may confront the same experience.

You will live in fear as the adage goes, “once beaten twice shy.” This type of phobia can also attack people without any history of past phobia. What makes this type of phobia so strange is that people who suffer from it only respond to internal sentiments they are suffering from. They don’t respond to any external stimuli.

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