Top 10 World’s Most Wanted Criminals Alive

1. Jose Luis Saenz

most wanted criminals

A well-known gangster, Jose Saenz is an American born on August 4th, 1975. He is charged with activities such as kidnapping, rape and theft. He was arrested by the federal police on 22nd November, 2012 in Mexico for such activities. He is a son of a father who was a member of the `maravilla gang’ and his mother spent lots time with the grandmother due to her problems with substance abuse. Some of the notorious cases charged against him are the brutal killing of those close to him. Such activities have seen him being nicknamed a `smiley’. Other charges are said to be related to his association with Mexican drug dealers. Such activities have put him in the rare list of the most wanted criminals by the Los Angeles City Council who are after him since 1998. In 2012, the federal police found him in Guadalajara, Mexico before arresting him.

In short, terrorism is a vise that has dominated the world but then it the responsibility of each and every one to play a role in stumping out this vise.

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