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Top 8 Costliest Advertisements Ever Made

An old proverb Stop the advertisement to save money is just like stop the clock to save time. No one can deny the Importance of marketing to the business, by considering the high importance and high return rate; the companies are spending the budget of millions in order to attract their customers.

The advertisement campaign are meant to drive the customers attention, it might be by using celebrity endorsement strategy, or to buy the busiest slot on Television. In this competitive market the marketers try to put up their signs on every place, starting from bill board to TV screen, mobile messages advertisement to Email advertisement, the marketer never let you alone, they spread the word by every mean.

In this article we will discuss some most Costliest Advertisements ever made and also share some astonishing facts about the advertisement.

8. Adidas- Is all in

Costliest Advertisements

In order to give a boost to their sale, Adidas endorse celebrities from almost all the fields including film star, musician, and sports industry. This Costliest Advertisement let people to see big name in one platform. Some of the big name of that time endorse by Adidas in their advertisement are Estelle, Russell Simmons, Katy Perry, Missy Elliot, David Beckham and Young Jeezy.  This Costliest Advertisement campaign set up to increase the sale by 50%, and the campaign name as “All in”. The target group for this advertisement are the people who are connected to sports and belong to teen age. The campaign aims to extend their products among every sport lover.

The high budgeting and excellent camera work result in increase the sale of Adidas product line and also the Advertisement won multiple awards for their high standard visual effects.

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