You Won’t Believe 11 Things Government Has Banned

Australia: Porn Featuring Small Breasts

Things government Has Banned

Australian women who have cup breasts they are facing shocking news. According to Australia they don’t exist. The board has started ban those films where such type of women playing any role. Board said, these women just take part in child porn because they are looking like under 18 due to their small breast.

China: Game Consoles

Things Government Banned

Under a 2000 rule china is banned Game Consoles for protect mental well-being of children against perceived corruption. China’s ban on video game consoles was temporarily lifted today, making them available to consumers living in the region after 14 years. It revealed that this plan will lift in the end of October but china allowing of Sony, Nintendo to release the largest video game in market in the term of revenue, this things government has banned in china.

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