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10 Best Energy Drink Brands in the World


1. Red Bull Energy Drink

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At number one in the list of best energy drink brands for your healthy is none other than Red Bull. Launched in 1987 by Austrian company Red Bull GmbH, this energy drink comes with its famous slogan “it gives you wings”. The taste of this energy drink is bitter-sweet citrus and a lighter bitter after taste. Active ingredients in Red Bull energy drink include vitamins B complex, energy supplements, caffeine and sugar both of which with  extra energy that can last for the whole day. Red Bull comes in two types namely with sugar and without sugar. In most cases, this energy drink is sold in bars and night clubs as a good alcoholic mixture.

Energy drinks have become so popular around the world. If you go to any super-market around the world, you will definitely get one or two energy drink brands being sold there. The above brands are perhaps the best you can ever find in the market.


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