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10 Cute Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind


5. Cancer Tattoo – The Crab

Most of girls out there have tattoos of the crab inked on their shoulder blades, above their ankles, either side of their navels, or their lower backs. These locations are the most preferred ones when doing cancer tattoos. Using various shapes, this kind of cute tattooscan be inked on your body either in black or any other color of your choice. Depending on what tattoo design you prefer, the cancer tattoo is obviously one of the hottest cute tattoos on the market.

Cancer Tattoo - The Crab

You can therefore choose an image of the crab or choose something completely different from the crab. Every tattoo has a reason, so when you see a girl inked an image of a crab on her body, then know there is a real meaning behind that image.


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