7 Bizarre Skin Conditions 2022

Skin disorders are common health conditions. In most cases, skin conditions come as a result poor hygiene and can spread from one person to the other through contact or sharing of clothing.

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7 Bizarre Skin Conditions 2022

However, in some instances, skin conditions can result as symptoms of some diseases. The following are 7 bizarre skin conditions:

7. Necrotizing Fascists

Necrotizing Fasciitis is one of the bizarre Skin Conditions that can leave an individual in a pathetic appearance. The necrotizing fasciitis bacteria do not eat the fresh, but it releases toxins which destroy the tissue. To treat this kind of bacteria you need huge amount of antibiotics.

Necrotizing Fasciitis

To stop the infection from spreading further, all affected flesh must be removed.In case the condition is worse; a surgery procedure will be done with the affected limb being amputated. This condition of necrotizing fasciitis is very lethal even in the presence of medication and the odds of death are slated at 30-40%.

6. Elephantiasis

Elephantiasis is one of the Skin Conditions caused by inside parasitic worms. Contact with irritant alkali soils can also cause elephantiasis. This condition is so horrifying that it leaves the skin at the legs and groin swollen up. It is commonly prevalent in the tropical areas mostly in Africa.


It is estimated that more than hundred million people are affected.Swelling on the legs and the groin is caused by the defense put forth by the body’s immune system in an attempt to fight the infection. Other symptoms associated with elephantiasis include severe pain, headache and nausea. This disorder does not have a proven cure, though currently there are some antibiotics which can reduce the severity of the symptoms. In worst scenario cases of elephantiasis, surgery or even amputation can be required.

5. Tree Bark Skin Disorder

Even a single wart on an exposed part of the body can make you very uncomfortable, what if most parts of your body are covered with warts? Tree Bark Skin is one of those Skin Conditions that is characterized by eruptions of wart-like lesions on the skin and can occur anywhere on the body. This condition is inherited from parents to their children and their grand-children.

Tree Bark Skin Disorder

This condition can either cause reddish-brown lesions or brownish lesions-resembling tree bark.The reddish brown lesions cause scaly surfaces and irregular borders, while the brownish lesions cause slightly raised lesions. The causative agent for these lesions is a subtype of Human papillomavirus. Simply put, this virus does not cause any lesions but it is only in people with Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis that the virus causes the lesions. One fatal concern for people suffering from this condition is that it might eventually develop into some form of skin cancer. So far, there is no proven cur e for this condition but is only managed through use of medication or even surgery.

4. Human Werewolf Syndrome

Everybody has certain amount of hair on the body. But imagine you find people suffering from certain Skin Conditions making their appearance look like wolfs? It is true that some people are born with extra amount of hair on their body, especially those born with extra genes on the X-chromosome-responsible for excessive hair growth. The condition of excessive hair growth on the body is referred as Congenital Hypertrichosis. In most cases, this condition is associated with gingival hyperplasia (teeth defects).


This explains the reason why this syndrome is sometimes referred as Human Werewolf Syndrome. In fact, this condition is very rare in the world, as only 50 cases of the syndrome have so far been reported in the world since the middle ages. This syndrome does not have significant medical implications to the affected individuals, but can only cause emotional embarrassment. The condition can be treated by removal of hair but the hair will always grow back again after some time.

3. Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis

Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis is one of rare Skin Conditions. It is characterized by high susceptibility of human beings to papilloma virus which leads to growth of tree-like warts on the body. The first time the world heard of this condition was back in 2007 when the case of Dede Koswara trended up on the internet.

Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis

Due to his condition showing similarities to Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis, Dede was featured on both the learning and discovery channels.Since then, Dede has undergone several surgeries in order to remove Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis warts from the body. It is unfortunate that the warts of this condition are very aggressive that they grow back almost immediately. It is estimated that Dede requires a total of two surgeries a year for him to maintain a reasonable appearance.

2. Leprosy

Leprosy is one of the Skin Conditions caused by the presence of bacteria in the body. This condition has a genesis that can be traced back to several years. The condition starts to manifest itself slowly with some traces of ulcers starting to appear on the skin and gradually growing to appoint of rotting like situation.


The commonly parts of the body that frequently get affected by this condition are the cooler parts which include hands, face, feet and the genitals. It is common for victims to lose their toes, fingers, and even their nose leaving the face to look a nightmare. The most painful thing associated with victims of leprosy over the centuries has been their exclusion from the rest of the society. Even today, there are leper colonies meant to keep victims of leprosy.

1. Smallpox

Another condition that cannot miss to be mentioned on our top 7 bizarre Skin Conditions is smallpox. One of the ancient Skin Conditions, smallpox is said to have successfully been eradicated from the world since 1979. The condition is able to make the body to have some painful rash of blood and leaking lesions after only two weeks of contraction.


If you are lucky enough to survive this condition, the affected parts of the body will dry and leave behind some terrible scars on the skin. Some of the notable examples of powerful people to have gone through this condition include George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin who had a really nasty case.

Skin disorders are common scenarios and in most cases they are successfully dealt with. However, you may get in some instances some of the worst skin conditions that may kill or otherwise leave the sufferer in a bizarre-looking.

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