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10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters


10. Mickey Rourke

Plastic surgery disasters!…Hey Mickey, you’re not okay anymore! Fans were puzzled by his new appearance when he turned up in the movie -The Wrestler. The former boxer and screenwriter which left him deformed.

Mickey Rourke

According to doctor Youn, some plastic surgeries can make a person serious consequences on the body. Some of the side effects on his body include scars in front of his ears, sideburns and wispy and continuously forward moving hairline.

Plastic surgery is new phenomenon which at times has brought smiles to many people whose figures were tampered with by either injury or diseases. However, as we have seen this exercise cannot always go as intended more so when done over and over again or otherwise it is misused. Misuse of plastic surgery has led to the above and many other cases of plastic surgery disasters.