7 Bizarre Skin Conditions

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Skin disorders are common health conditions. In most cases, skin conditions come as a result poor hygiene and can spread from one person to the other through contact or sharing of clothing.

Bizarre Skin Conditions

However, in some instances, skin conditions can result as symptoms of some diseases. The following are 7 bizarre skin conditions:

7. Necrotizing Fascists

Necrotizing Fasciitis is one of the bizarre Skin Conditions that can leave an individual in a pathetic appearance. The necrotizing fasciitis bacteria do not eat the fresh, but it releases toxins which destroy the tissue. To treat this kind of bacteria you need huge amount of antibiotics.

Necrotizing Fasciitis

To stop the infection from spreading further, all affected flesh must be removed.In case the condition is worse; a surgery procedure will be done with the affected limb being amputated. This condition of necrotizing fasciitis is very lethal even in the presence of medication and the odds of death are slated at 30-40%.

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