7 Bizarre Skin Conditions

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5. Tree Bark Skin Disorder

Even a single wart on an exposed part of the body can make you very uncomfortable, what if most parts of your body are covered with warts? Tree Bark Skin is one of those Skin Conditions that is characterized by eruptions of wart-like lesions on the skin and can occur anywhere on the body. This condition is inherited from parents to their children and their grand-children.

Tree Bark Skin Disorder

This condition can either cause reddish-brown lesions or brownish lesions-resembling tree bark.The reddish brown lesions cause scaly surfaces and irregular borders, while the brownish lesions cause slightly raised lesions. The causative agent for these lesions is a subtype of Human papillomavirus. Simply put, this virus does not cause any lesions but it is only in people with Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis that the virus causes the lesions. One fatal concern for people suffering from this condition is that it might eventually develop into some form of skin cancer. So far, there is no proven cur e for this condition but is only managed through use of medication or even surgery.