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7 Bizarre Skin Conditions


4. Human Werewolf Syndrome

Everybody has certain amount of hair on the body. But imagine you find people suffering from certain Skin Conditions making their appearance look like wolfs? It is true that some people are born with extra amount of hair on their body, especially those born with extra genes on the X-chromosome-responsible for excessive hair growth. The condition of excessive hair growth on the body is referred as Congenital Hypertrichosis. In most cases, this condition is associated with gingival hyperplasia (teeth defects).


This explains the reason why this syndrome is sometimes referred as Human Werewolf Syndrome. In fact, this condition is very rare in the world, as only 50 cases of the syndrome have so far been reported in the world since the middle ages. This syndrome does not have significant medical implications to the affected individuals, but can only cause emotional embarrassment. The condition can be treated by removal of hair but the hair will always grow back again after some time.