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7 Bizarre Skin Conditions


1. Smallpox

Another condition that cannot miss to be mentioned on our top 7 bizarre Skin Conditions is smallpox. One of the ancient Skin Conditions, smallpox is said to have successfully been eradicated from the world since 1979. The condition is able to make the body to have some painful rash of blood and leaking lesions after only two weeks of contraction.


If you are lucky enough to survive this condition, the affected parts of the body will dry and leave behind some terrible scars on the skin. Some of the notable examples of powerful people to have gone through this condition include George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin who had a really nasty case.

Skin disorders are common scenarios and in most cases they are successfully dealt with. However, you may get in some instances some of the worst skin conditions that may kill or otherwise leave the sufferer in a bizarre-looking.