9 Stillborn Babies that Miraculously Come Back to Life

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When it comes to giving birth to a kid, the biggest fear is that if the baby doesn’t survive or something just goes wrong. At this point in life a women is said to be at the most emotional phase of her life, carrying a child for nine months, literally in your body and then waiting for the moment to finally hold the baby in your hands. The feeling has no comparison in the entire world.

Stillborn Babies that Miraculously Come Back to Life

Having all these feeling and suddenly you come to know that the baby was delivered stillborn, this is the biggest trauma girl can get. Life has its own way to surprise you, sometimes it is bitter sometimes it is sweet.

9. Yasmin Gomes

Yasmin Gomes

It was on 9th July 2013 when a 23 year old girl named Jenifer da Silva Gomes gave birth to her daughter Yasmin. This miracle girl was stillborn at a hospital in Brazil, Londrina to be exact. Yasmin was born naturally but immediately after her birth she stopped breathing, for almost an hour doctors made all possible attempts to bring her back to life but failed. She was finally declared dead and her death certificate was printed timed to be at 11 AM.

Her body was taken to the chapel instead of the morgue as one of the nurses didn’t want the little angel to be put in morgue. After 3 hour Yasmin’s grandmother came to get her for funeral when she opened her eyes and proved that life and death is in hand of the creator. She was immediately taken to intensive care where she was observed and declared healthy with everything under control.

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