9 Stillborn Babies that Miraculously Come Back to Life

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7. Rose Servin

baby 1023

It was in April 1923 when Rose Servin in New York went into labor and gave birth to a baby boy. The baby was born still, the mother of the stillborn baby was devastated but her doctor J.A. Tepperson didn’t lose hope and saw some sign of life and took the baby to another room where he worked for almost 2 hours to bring the baby back to life, this was the time when doctors went to extreme levels of treatment and decided to inject adrenaline directly into the heart. This was a miracle as just after the injection baby instantly started to change color back to normal and the heartbeat also started getting back to normal and stronger from still.

This was for the very first time when a still body was brought back to life after such long time of 2 hours. This was a miracle in the history of medical and after a few days the baby was sent home along with mother after all checkup and being declared healthy.


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