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9 Stillborn Babies that Miraculously Come Back to Life


5. Jacob Tomkin

Jacob Tomkin

It was in 2014 when Jacob’s mother Laura conceived a baby by in vitro fertilization. In her 38th week of pregnancy she was induced labor. On 30th May 2015 the baby was born and cried like all normal babies do but once the cord was cut the baby changed color and no signs of life were in the baby. The baby looked grey and was not breathing, for 22 minutes Laura and her husband’s life was in the hands of doctors and they were almost completely shattered when after 22 minutes the baby took his breath and came back to the world.

The doctors had 1% hope to make the baby survive but the parents are more than satisfied how doctors did all they could and saved their baby. The baby is named Jacob, his parents took baby home after 4 weeks till doctors made sure he was fine to be taken home. Doctors say that there might be brain damages due to 22 minutes of being still but only time could tell this. Hope that baby Jacob leads a normal life with all body parts perfect because he is a miracle baby.


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