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9 Stillborn Babies that Miraculously Come Back to Life


3. Ella Claxton

Ella Claxton

This miracle baby was born in 2010 summers in England. Rachael Claxton was under her delivery when her placenta cracked which in simple words means that her blood and oxygen supply got cut which is very important even during birth. This incident was very well handled by the doctors. Her condition normally leads to some brain damage or physical disability as well but doctors had hope they kept trying to bring her back to life and after 25 minutes they finally got a heartbeat and this miraculous baby came back to life.

When they caught the heart beat they wrapped Ella in a blanket that could change body temperature, they dropped the temperature from 37 degrees Celsius to 33.5 which made her brain swelling to decrease. Her temperature was kept chilled and monitored eventually 8 days later she was allowed to leave for home, this baby was a miracle but the doctors said she might need some physio therapies later in life but for now she is healthy kid.


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