Top 10 Odd Guinness Book World Records

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Guinness book world records is the most common world record ever known by most people. These world records leave you wondering who came up with such weird activities. Our blog BigShocking, reviewed the top 10 wackiest Guinness book world records for you. Read and enjoy these rib-cracking Guinness book world records.

10. Bubble Home Record

Guinness book world record

Bubble home is a concept by Fan yang. This guy started making bubbles at the age of 6. He later turned bubble making as his profession and become a respected bubble artist. Yang did many experiments using various mixtures and solutions in his effort to master his bubble making career. He managed to create amazing bubble arts of different sizes. In 1992, he managed to create the largest bubble that was entered into Guinness book world records. He has beenmaking different bubble arts but the most recent and the wackiest one was the one he created in 2012 presented at Science World display held at Vancouver. He had prepared it for six months.

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