Top 8 Fattest Man in the World

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Food is something that every individual love to have on daily basis. People love to experience different cuisines in the mission to get the best for their lifestyle. In general, food is good; it acts as a sign of unity as people tend to come together during meal time and it also makes people feel complete.

Fattest Man in the World

However, food especially junk food can become dangerous as it might make our bodies gain extra pounds which we might not even be able to carry by ourselves. Below is a list of top 10 fattest man in the world and heaviest people in the world.

8. Dzhambik Khatokhov (324 lbs.)

DzhambikKhatokhov is an 11 year old boy from Russia. Though he weighed only 6.61bs at birth, but upon attaining the age of one he became the fattest man in the world and was weighing 281bs. At the age of three, he was able to lift a 7-pound load and weighed 811bs.

Dzhambik Khatokhov

The doctors advised the family to put the boy on a diet of ice cream and porridge. However, her mother objected the idea suggesting that the boy was a gift from God and his growth should not be interrupted. Currently, he weighs around 324 pounds, measures 5’2 tall and arguably the fattest man in the world.

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