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Top Best Famous Quotes Ever Written


1. Michael Jordan Quote

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This is what Michael Jordan (Athlete, 1963) had to say about his career.  “Me, Michael Jordan I’ve missed several shots close to 9,000 in my career. And I have in total lost 300 games. I have been entrusted with twenty six times to take game but my I did miss all the winning shots. In fact, I have failed in my life over and over again. Failing over and over again has led me to be a successful person”. This quote is from an athlete, Michael Jordan, who became very successful in sport because of trying over and over again. He did regard failure as motivation and this quote of him has been used in various quotas as a form of motivation. Indeed this quote remains as one of the most famous quotes in the world.

Quotes continue to be used now and then. Politicians, teachers, great speakers and students like to associate themselves with great quotes when making presentations. The above quotes are not the only ones that have remained famous, but for now they are really one of the most famous quotes ever written.


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