10 Interesting Facts about Farts

Fart is considered as the unsuitable word to speak in general conversation, but this is the process which is done by every human at least 14 times a day and according to medical specialist this process is very important in order to carries your good health. In this era the word Fart is taken as vulgar and we often try to use this word as less as we can, but surprisingly this word is one of the oldest words in the English vocabulary.

In our life every one must think at least once about the Fart. The mind may encompass with different questions like Why do we fart? What are the reasons of it? Why do farts smell? And any possible way to get rid of it at least in public?

We will discuss some interesting facts about farts and will also share the medical statements regarding this most important daily activity process.

1. What the Word Fart Refer to?

The meaning of the word fart is to expel intestinal gas. Now question arises how these gases are produced in our body? The answer is quite simple the farts are basically the trapped air; there are many sources of this air. Some portion of this air may be swallowed while drinking or chewing.

Talking about composition of gas, the human body produced gas is consisting of 59 % nitrogen, 9 % Carbon dioxide, 21 % hydrogen, 4 % oxygen and 7 % methane. And the smelly part of Fart is because of Hydrogen sulfide, human body produced gas consist of only 1 % of hydrogen sulfide gas, this percentage may vary as per the eating habits of individuals.

The most interesting facts about farts are the sounds, and if you face such situation where you accidentally Fart in public you have better idea then. At the time of escape from the body the fart make sound because of the rectum vibrations, more gas pressure effect the vibration of rectum and it led to the louder sound. Tightness of the sphincter muscles also plays a main role in creating the sound.

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2. Why do Farts Smell Bad?

Smell produced in the result of Fart will never allow you to sit with your friends comfortably. The better option is to leave your gathering for few minutes and return when you feel comfortable. Some fart smells bad and some even worst, have you ever thought what is missing in less smelly fart or what is in additional in worst smell fart.

Smell of your fart depends on the sulfur and amount of sulfur will be decided by your eating habits. Eatable like cabbage, eggs, soda, cheese, beans having more amount of sulfur and if exceeding amount of sulfur in body may lead in peel the paint of the walls.

3. How Many Times does an Average Human Fart?

Facts about FartsAnother Interesting fact about fart is the question that how many times does an average human fart?

Facts about FartsIt was also answered in the first paragraph, the average man release gases 14 times a day. 14-time gas in a day means almost half liter of farts every day, and if person fart continuously for 81 months they will produce the gas equivalent energy to an atomic bomb. So never underestimate the power of the gas you are producing, and never try to avoid this as it helps you to remove harmful composition from your body in the air.

4. Fart’s Speed

The most interesting fact about fart is the speed, after releasing the fart we can smell it only for 10 – 12 seconds, the velocity of the speed takes it away from you with a speed of 10 Feet per second.

The velocity or speed of Fart also depends on the pressure and for sure on you eating habits.

5. Doctor’s Advice, never hold Farts

We often hold Fart in public gathering in order to maintain good environment, but to find another place is always a better option than holding it back. The gas consists of some harmful composition which must release from your body.

The one sudden reaction of holding fart is feeling uncomfortable and in some cases this action may lead to hemorrhoids.

6. Perception about Farting Differ from Culture to Culture

In most culture people often avoid to use the word Fart, but in some cultures the fart is never taken as something to hide, they let their gases out in public and even enjoy it. America has an Indian tribe living there since years called yanomami, having the culture to greet someone with the Fart.

 China is the country which will hire you if you are professional Fart smeller. So, your fart may give you highly paid job in china.

7. Avoid Playing with Burning Lighters

The presence of methane and hydrogen in your gas make it highly flammable, and some people often taken it as fun part to hold a lighter and let your gas to catch fire, it sometime produces a big flame’s burst which is obviously dangerous and if not handle properly it may lead to some serious damages. In some cases, these flammable gases caused explosion during intestinal surgeries.

8. Animals and Insect also do Fart

Another interesting fact about farts is that Not only human alone but also animal and insets help in global warming problem by producing gases. But the breath-taking fact is that the small termite which is less than human nail produces more methane gas than any other insect and animal.

According to reports and statics presented by Environmental Protection Agency, state that termites are alone responsible for producing 2 – 22 TG methane gas per year, this small creature is also ranked as the second largest natural source for collecting methane gas.

9. NO Chance to Avoid Farts

Sometime we often avoid releasing gas in public but the gas particles will remain same in your body and may doubled with new producing gas. The human body then automatically releases it at the time of his or her sleep.

10. Fart Even After Deaths

Farts are not only limited to your lives, even after death human body will produce gases up to three hours. The body will release all the gases present in the intestine and this process make farting noises.

Though considered weird, farts are natural and there is nothing you can do about them. By farting, any living creature is considered health and strong. Keep posted here in our site for more interesting stories and facts you perhaps didn’t know.

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